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Enable Blended Learning

Get more out of your school’s computer lab. Transform it into an on-premise, multimedia elearning resource centre, with pre-loaded local content. No additional hardware or Internet access required.
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Facilitate Mobile Learning

Empower your students to study anytime, anywhere; on tablets and mobile handsets, with Course-prep Mobile.
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Up-to-date Question Bank

Take the stress out of quiz preparation, delivery and grading. Give your teachers and students access to more than 1000 WAEC multiple-choice past questions per course.

Interactive Lesson Notes

Turn revision into an engaging activity for your students. Take advantage of pre-loaded key lesson take-aways, based on requisite curriculum; presented in an interactive and stimulating format.

Video Lessons Enabled

Harness the power of multimedia and enable your students to learn at their own pace. Take advantage of video lessons, audio books and e-books. You can also embed additional multimedia content.

Customizable & Responsive

Customize Course-prep to your brand and academic goals. Course-prep is also responsive, which means it can be accessed from the desktop, tablet or mobile.