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Blended Learning

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Popular Definition

Blended education or hybrid courses are those that integrate online or technology enhanced learning, with traditional face-to-face class activities in a planned, pedagogically valuable manner. – Online Learning Consortium

Core Elements

A mix of the physical and virtual world –  Students should be able to complete online work in class or in the school library in addition to face-to-face teaching. Students should have the opportunity to choose where and when to study; and learn at their own pace. – ITSlearning.edu

Key Benefits

Teachers can access online content directly into their classrooms but integrate it so that it forms a cohesive part of a lesson. Blended learning also provides the opportunity for students to learn independently of their teachers and allows teachers to monitor their students’ progress more closely than traditional methods. – Macmillan English Campus

Course-prep for JHS (BECE) and SHS (WASSCE)

Key Features

Students Performance Statistics

Review quiz results by individual students and by questions. Show students how their performance compare to the overall average.

Randomized Questions and Answers

Display questions and answers randomly to each student to prevent cheating during in-class quizzes.

Multimedia Course Material Supplement

Upload video, audio and other e-learning files to supplement course material that is used for face-to-face teaching.

Available Online or On-premise

Deploy Course-prep online for homework assignments (requires internet access) or deploy locally within your school’s lab for in-class assignments.

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